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Sukhi Nikhetan Arts Academy

An institution devoted for music, was found by "Sangeetha Kalarathna" Hyderabad Dr. B. Siva

Sukhi Nikhetan Arts Academy
(The Bank of Voice)

An Institution devoted for music was found by “Sangeetha Kalarathna” Hyderabad Dr. B. Siva, and named it “Sukhi Nikhetan Arts Academy” with an object to teach classical music to young children where “Sukhi” means “Joy” and Nikhetan” means “a place of living”. Ultimately, it is a place where the children and their parents can find lots of joy, where the voices are registered and can be rightly called “the bank of voice”.

Started with only 10 students, the Academy is now proudly entering into its 10th year successful musical journey. At present, a total of about 200 students learn music in this institution.